Below is the digital program guide from Arts Ed Newark. Access information on in-school, afterschool, weekend and professional development programs offered by our partners. You can filter by ages served, art forms, program type, and cost. We hope it helps parents, students, teachers, and administrators access more arts programming here in Newark.

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Community Arts Institute - Residency Programs

Fully customizable residencies available in a variety of art forms!

At IMC, we focus not only on our students' ability to achieve in the arts, but we also focus on students' emotional well-being. Part of working with children in a holistic way is working in full partnership with our schools to create the best residency program for them whether that means:
-art form
-length of program
-curricular connections
-cultural connections
-anything else you need!

We're bringing everything that we pride ourselves on, our HARMONY model (Helping to Achieve Responsible Motivated Optimistic Neighborhood Youth) to you and your school community directly.

Let Us Bring HARMONY To You!

If you are interested in finding out more, please fill out the following form and we will be in contact soon!

Darryl Gent

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Taking mentorship, healing, and creativity in education to the next level. Designed with the student in mind, a Radical educator can be a parent, schoolteacher, seasoned / mastered professional, an elder, and/or someone who loves to share real and viable knowledge.

Fallon Davis

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Is a S.T.E.A.M Mentorship program centered around the art of self, self-empowerment, self-identity, self-expression, self-awareness, and self-love. This program can be ran in 6 or 12 weeks.

Fallon Davis

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During this program students will explore the many ways in which art is alive through an art curriculum that engages students through STEAM. The program explores how we keep art alive through our identities, how we function and participate in our communities, and how we sustain them using the resources within our reach. Throughout the program students will explore color therapy, anatomy, sculpture through community building, and environmental art installations. It can run for 30 weeks, 12 weeks, or 6 weeks.

Fallon Davis

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Trauma-Informed Care And the Arts Training Series

Are you an educator, youth development worker, teaching artist or healthcare professional that serves youth in Newark? Do you want to learn more about trauma-informed care? This special hands-on series, a result of a year-long collaboration at Arts Ed Newark, will be led by trauma and arts specialists who will guide discussion about how trauma is defined and impacts youth and ourselves. You will learn how arts strategies can promote resilience and create safer youth spaces. Please join us for this important and necessary training series. Credits available for participants of entire series. You must attend all three workshops in the series.

Mayuri Chandra

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FOR EDUCATORS: Music Composition Through Technology

Momin will offer a professional development course for teaching artists to learn how to effectively use Soundtrap for the Music Composition Through Technology program.
1) TAs will learn the fundamental technical skills required to navigate and control the Soundtrap music software;
2) TAs will gain insight into the basic elements of creating audio and MIDI tracks;
3) TAs will understand the multi-layered process involved in the creation of a song, using loops, recording external instruments, and the basic manipulation of rhythms and melodies, to create song-arrangements.
4) TAs will learn basic production skills such as adding automation, equalization (EQ), compression, reverb and various other sound effects.
5) TAs will learn how to effectively manage the Soundtrap “educators panel’ to manage and organize their students, assign lessons and control privacy/sharing settings.

Vincent B. Ector

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We offer artist residency programs, both in-school, afterschool, and virtually depending on artist availability. Our educational programs and assemblies have been presented in numerous schools, community centers, libraries, and museums, as well as in public areas throughout the NY tri-state area and abroad since 2000. Residencies include: Music (Brazilian Drumming, African Drumming, Trash Percussion), Drama, Visual Arts (Grades 3-12), Dance (Latin, Tap, African, and Brazilian Capoeira), Early Childhood and Technology through the Arts (Modern Videography 101, Music Technology MIDI - Grades served: 5- 12 (Limited Enrollment)).

Vincent B. Ector

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K-12 School Performances

Our assembly programs are designed to provide students with a fun and exciting educational experience through story, song and performance, while implementing the National Core Arts Standards.

Vincent B. Ector

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Glass Art Field Trip

The Glass-Art Field Trip
Centered on the beauty and magic of glass-art, our signature Field Trip offers students the opportunity to create glass beads over a 2000 degree torch in our Flame Shop, individual glass-mosaics in our Flat Shop, and witness an exciting demonstration of glassblowing in our Hot Shop (when available). All projects include an introduction to and practice with glass tools, as well as lessons in basic color and design theory. Unique in the field of visual arts, especially in its use of fire and glass, this multi-dimensional learning experience can activate one or more indicators of engagement in students such as responsiveness, curiosity, investigation, discovery, anticipation, persistence and initiation.

Lisa Duggan

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Schooltime Performances (Virtual Fall)

Take a trip to the theater.

There’s no need to get on the bus and travel to NJPAC to see a world-class performance… now, students can take a field trip, right from home! Along with a variety of online performances to choose from, we also offer comprehensive Teacher Resource Guides to help you plan your curriculum, as well as pre-and post-performance workshops and talkbacks to deepen the experience.

Why do schools choose NJPAC?

The easy online viewing experience
Access to diverse, world-class artists and performances
Comprehensive Teacher Resource Guides
Pre- and post-performance workshops and talkbacks

Kim Washington

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School Residencies

Students thrive in the Spotlight.
Bring NJPAC teaching artists right to your classroom for multiple sessions. Our residencies are designed to serve up to 30 students for one classroom and can be delivered in person or virtual. To make things even easier, you’ll have a dedicated program manager to help you every step of the way.

Why choose NJPAC residencies?

Flexible to meet your needs
Affordable pricing structure
NJPAC-trained artist faculty
All programs meet or exceed National and State Standards
We’re New Jersey’s regional provider for National Arts Education Program
We provide a program manager to help you fully integrate the residency into your school

Contact us for grade requirements

Kim Washington

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NJSO Youth Orchestras

Coached by NJSO musicians, the NJSO Youth Orchestras give qualified middle- and high-school students—especially Black and Latinx youth in the Greater Newark area—unparalleled opportunities to achieve personal and musical excellence.

Youth Orchestras rehearse on select Saturdays from October—June. Depending on ensemble placement, activities take place between the hours of 9:30 am–3:30 pm.

In 2021–22, in-person rehearsals will take place at John J. Cali School of Music at Montclair State University. Students must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 in order to participate in person. There is a virtual-only option for students who are not vaccinated.

Students interested in joining the program should email to inquire about openings. There are opportunities for students in grades 4-11 ranging from beginner string instruction to advanced symphony orchestra.

Joanna Borowski

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On-Site Field Trips

Designed to include our permanent collection, Planetarium, and special exhibitions, our programs provide curriculum connection in all subject areas.

Field trips help students understand classroom topics, retain content, build visual literacy, and connect personally with authentic objects. Programs are offered Wednesday – Friday at 9:30am, 11:15am, and 12:30pm | Duration: 45-75 minutes. | Capacity: 25 students max. | Advance registration is required at least one month in advance. | A 90-minute tour that includes artmaking is also available.

For more information, please visit

Shirley Thomas

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Virtual Field Trip

NMOA virtual field trips connect to classroom curriculum and New Jersey State standards. Each virtual experience is fun, social, and educational through observations, games, writing, drawing, and movement with live Museum educators.
For more information, please visit

Rey Arvelo

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Dance Residency

In addition to our studio classes offered in our facility in Montclair, SMAPA provides in-school and after school residencies in both public and private schools. All forms of dance are offered including creative movement for younger students, and tap, West African and Theater Dance for older students. We also have programs which incorporate theater games. All these programs are appropriate for K-8 and address NJ Core Curriculum Standards.

Sharron Miller

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Workshops & Residencies

Young Audiences workshops and residencies allow students to gain increased knowledge and skills within individual art forms.

For more information visit:

Donnajean Reckelhoff

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Impactful Illustrators

Impactful Illustrators is a 10-month paid internship that gives high school girls an opportunity to hone their media arts skills, while interning for Butterfly Dreamz, Inc. Over the course of their internship, girls will learn graphic design from a professional artist and work together to create digital art for our Cocoon Club community and our annual Leadership Journal. Internship applications for the 2022-23 school year will open in Spring 2022 and be available at

Kyla Carter